A history of the russian revolution in the ussr

Russian Revolution

The Bolshevik coup The events of February merit the name of Revolution because they were essentially spontaneous. October Revolution Main article: It stated that, inevitably, a terrible disaster would grip the country unless a constitutional form of government was put in place.

By September the Bolsheviks and their allies, the Left Socialist Revolutionaries, had overtaken the Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviks and held majorities in both the Petrograd and Moscow soviets. The Petrograd Soviet met in the Tauride Palacethe same building where the new government was taking shape.

Russian Revolution of 1917

They not only had to contend with rebellious peasants and hostile White armies supported by the Allies but they lost such support as they had once had among the workers: These reforms thoroughly disorganized the educational system, and in the early s many of them were quietly dropped.

He ruled with the help of a bureaucratic caste, subject to no external controls and above the law, and the army, one of whose main tasks was maintaining internal order.

The dispersal of the first democratically elected national legislature in Russian history marked the onset of the Bolshevik dictatorship. That motivation disappeared on 11 November Although Russia produced more than enough to feed itself, economic mismanagement combined with the breakdown of transportation led in the third year of the war to a sharp rise in prices and to food shortages in the cities.

War and Revolution in Russia 1914 - 1921

The Bolshevik dictatorship Although Lenin and Trotsky had carried out the October coup in the name of soviets, they intended from the beginning to concentrate all power in the hands of the ruling organs of the Bolshevik Party.

But the Grand Duke realised that he would have little support as ruler, so he declined the crown on 16 March [ O. The dramatic drop of the price of oil in and profoundly influenced actions of the Soviet leadership.

Tenure for university professors was abolished, and the universities lost their traditional right of self-government. Despite growing support for the Bolsheviks, buoyed by maxims that called most famously for "all power to the Soviets," the party held very little real power in the moderate-dominated Petrograd Soviet.

By the middle of all of Russian Poland and Lithuania, and most of Latvia, were overrun by the German army. As soon as he recovered from what could have been fatal wounds, Lenin ordered the Cheka to carry out mass executions of suspected opponents.

Soviet Union

Recognising the strength of the Bolsheviks, Lenin began pressing for the immediate overthrow of the Kerensky government by the Bolsheviks. Petersburg and Moscow simultaneously, parenthetically stating that it made no difference which city rose up first, but expressing his opinion that Moscow may well rise up first.

Give me 3 million tons [of oil] over the plan. Hoping to exploit the political and economic turmoil afflicting central Europe after the Allied victory, Moscow sent agents with ample supplies of money to stir up unrest.Russian Revolution Red Flag (PBS) Part of PBS’s The People’s Century television series, this site covers the Russian Revolution and its aftermath, providing text and audio interviews, a teacher’s guide, and links to related sites.

Before the Revolution. Alexander Yakovlev Database of 20th Century Russia and USSR; Browse the site or search to view transcriptions from Russian and the. The following is a general overview of the history of Russia during the period of Soviet domination.

For full coverage of the history of the Soviet Union, see the article Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Russian Revolution.

Russian Revolution oftwo revolutions, the first of which, in February (March, New Style), overthrew the imperial government and the second of which, in October (November), placed the Bolsheviks in power.

May 31,  · During the Russian Revolution of and subsequent three-year Russian Civil War, the Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin dominated the soviet forces, a coalition of workers’ and soldiers.

Mar 10,  · The Revolution ofwhen revolts and uprisings had forced the Tsar to concede civil rights and a parliament to the.

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A history of the russian revolution in the ussr
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