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For A2 you choose to focus on one area. The exam will be split into 3 sections in AS: The multiple choice in the exam is also non-existent. The exam technique is horribly difficult and needs a ridiculous amount of work to adjust to. The quantity of information that the exam asks for is miniscule compared to the actual course content, which too, seemed unfair.

The lack of practicals was disappointing, as was the coursework which involved an extremely in depth talk in the first year which was then somehow 10 times more difficult in the second year. Do not think this is an "easy" subject by any means. By offering an extensive range of activities for A level assessment, the department actively encourages boys and girls to develop their potential throughout both their AS and A2 course.

Workload The nature of the mark scheme means that the workload will be quite intense. Within the boundaries of A level Physical Education and Sport, all pupils have the opportunity to experience the values and qualities that can be utilised in adult life.

ChoccyPhilly What I like about studying this subject: For OCR, the coursework is divided into your practical and your talk, both of which will be recorded. The exam is split into 3 sections in AS: Practically, pupils must be of a relatively high standard in at least two sports, one individual and one team.

At times, I found myself demotivated due to the sheer amount of work that PE presented.

A-level physical education

In AS, the talk will need to relate to the three separate units covered. The course content is undeniably overwhelming and complex, taking information from Biology, Physics, Sociology and Psychology, not to mention that the candidate is be expected to partake in their desired sport outside of school to a relatively high level.

For AS you are assessed in 2 areas. This year the coursework requires more detail into the analysis of your performance.

Required Individual Study Recommended: Personal bit of advice: A wide range of activities will be covered throughout the course and pupils will be expected to take two of these to a higher performance level through in-depth analysis, working upon specific technique and extensive practice.

There are very few changes within the OCR course, but everything most certainly becomes more challenging. The written components should not be underestimated. As someone who is heavily devoted to sport, I thought this was a good, fun A Level for me.

Head of PE D. A certain degree of ability in Sport is necessary, but a great deal of interest and personal motivation is essential.

Being a well-rounded student is strongly recommended for this course. The tiered questions now triple themselves and are worth 10 marks in AS.

By channelling these experiences in a positive way, all boys and girls who opt for Physical Education in the sixth form can benefit from the contribution that it brings to their overall education. Field trips and excursions Moderation. The talk will compromise of an action plan and its elements that will need to be applied to video footage seen almost immediately before the talk.

Chaplaincy, Chapel and Spiritual Life PE Physical Education makes an important contribution to the education and physical development for pupils.

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What I like about studying this subject: This differs from GCSE, where the course could have been covered with just an hour a week for instance but there is now a much greater amount of theory involved. How is it assessed? This does not have to be one you did for A2.

The course is a testing one which requires a dedicated approach. In this way pupils who wish are able to devote more time to their chosen activity, either to improve their skills and techniques with high level coaching, or purely as recreation on a regular basis.Practical Coursework at A level is taken much more seriously than at GCSE, much more video evidence is needed, and you really have to be strong in your sport for high marks (at least participating once a week outside of school/college) and at A2 it needs to be at a competitive level (AQA) however this can be 'got around' by using a mock competitive.

Physical Education makes an important contribution to the education and physical development for pupils. Within the boundaries of A level Physical Education and Sport, all pupils have the opportunity to experience the values.

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PEfocus helps teachers to successfully deliver A Level PE PEfocus is passionate about the quality of everything we do PEfocus brings an unrivalled wealth of: Professional excellence; The recent PEfocus CPD course I attended was incredibly useful and has prompted a change in the way I deliver my A level lessons!

I highly recommend. AQA PE GCSE coursework recovery rate got quicker as the sessions progressed, and so therefore my level was increasing as I recovered at a faster rate and exercise had been a higher intensity each time.

The full course of study is made up of the following topics, as set out in the Department for Education's Physical Education GCE AS and A-level subject content: applied anatomy and physiology exercise physiology. A-level Physical Education helps students increase their understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in Physical Education.

A level pe coursework rugby
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