An analysis of a study of reading habits by philip larkin

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Me with my cloak and fangs Had ripping times in the dark The women I clubbed with sex! That is the irony in the poem. I thought it was just genius. His tongue is in his cheek regardless. It is a study of reading habits: I absolutely LOVE to read.

All his bravado is just talk and from what he has read, a fantasy world.

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Reading comprehension and math are usually my highest marks on standardized tests. Rather, what he is saying is that it is how we use books and literature can be unhealthy and dangerous depending on what we do with them.

Interestingly, many people are only truly happy when they are eight or nine years old.

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Then again, perhaps all books are of the tired, unreal, waste of our precious time mantra. The poet may be suggesting that many people follow this trend in reading habit.

A Study of Reading Habits

Being able to read quickly benefits you on almost ANY test, because you have more time to re-read instructions, prompts, questions, answer choices, etc. I chose books as my object simply because I found this poem and I fell in love.

Analysis of A Study of Reading Habits by Philip Larkin

Are you still looking for the other poems? I broke them up like meringues. This is the "study of reading habits" that is explored through the poem. I broke them up like meringues.

The way the poem starts out as descriptive, I thought it would be just another simple poem until it gets to the end. Lots of people loved scholastic activities in their youth, only to fall away from those things as they age.

The women I clubbed with sex!"A Study of Reading Habits" Philip Larkin Second Stanza: Later, with inch-thick specs, Evil was just my lark: the poem, the title, "A Study of Reading Habits", now seems ironic since it presents itself as a dry, academic study of perfecting reading habits but is actually a humorous poem about a man's dynamic relationship with books.

A Study Of Reading Habits Analysis

The speaker would use reading to get away from different things such as school and bullies. He didn’t care if reading ruined his eyes because in books he could imagine anything and escape reality.

He could imagine being cool and fighting the bullies “twice [his] size” (line 6). Poetry analysis: A Study of Reading Habits, by Philip Larkin Philip Larkin's hilarious poem A Study of Reading Habits uses its three.

Written in August and published in Larkin’s volume The Whitsun Weddings, ‘A Study of Reading Habits’ touches upon one of Philip Larkin’s favourite themes in a more explicitly humorous way than many of his most famous poems, and is. The theme of journeys is present in Philip Larkin’s poem, A Study of Reading Habits.

However, it is not a physical journey that we see, but a metaphorical journey about the speaker’s life progression through his changing escapisms created by books. Feb 01,  · A Study Of Reading Habits By Philip Larkin When getting my nose in a book Cured most things short of school, It was worth ruining my eyes To know I could still keep cool, And deal out the old right hook To dirty dogs twice my size.

An analysis of a study of reading habits by philip larkin
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