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A manufacturer of machined metal parts was finding contamination of a bearing surface. If at all possible, it might be beneficial for Empire Plastics to have its own Project Management team.

Impact used a combination of polarized light microscopy and infra red microscopy to photograph, measure, and identify the separate layers of the film in cross section. Impact recommended more thorough cleaning after this interim polishing step.

In both cases, Empire Consultants is outsourcing the entire project to Outside Management Contractors. A three layer, co-extruded plastic fuel line component was splitting when sent to a supplier for unit assembly. What changes in culture are needed at Empire Plastics?

They are doing a better job of properly tolerancing parts than they have in the past. When imaged at high magnification, the fracture surface characteristics indicated poor fusion Case study analysis empire plastics occurring in the middle layer during the co-extrusion process.

Solution and Results The Natech Engineers adjusted the design of the mating component to optimize performance and reduce the economic impact.

Empire Plastics Organizational Structures

Phillips Plastics has found the contribution and sensitivity reports to be very valuable in helping identify areas for consideration.

They now have the confidence going into the prototype pass that parts will fit together and function as intended the first time. In many cases, they have been able to use CETOL to tolerances to ease the burden on their production facilities.

Analysis determined the material to be an oil or oleamidea material often used as a slip agent in the molding process. Prior to using CETOL on this and similar designs, Phillips Plastics did not have the level of confidence in the results from their spreadsheet-based method of tolerance analysis, so optimization of the design required multiple prototype and rework steps which translates to time and money.

Many times it is not obvious where to focus on very complex designs. At the same time, it must read the number of doses that have been delivered as well as the number that are left.

In some cases, this is not possible.

Case Studies

TEM images of cross sections afforded direct comparison of surface and bulk morphologies, enabling informed evaluation of manufacturing processes. At Phillips Plastics, proper documentation is a key item for a completed design package. Impact modified an existing optical microscopy ASTM method, for measurement of the cell size of the micro-porous PU foams in the scanning electron microscope.

Empire Consultants appears to be a Project Management Office, which utilizes Management Consultants to execute its projects. In that case, Empire Plastics and Empire Consultants in particular, requires more direct oversight of their vendors. The analysis suggested the molding conditions be evaluated and corrected.

Their customers can easily step through the CETOL report to verify changes that may have been made and understand the reasons behind the change. The job of the mechanism on the device is to make sure that the numbers on the counter line up correctly.

They found that using CETOL in the design stage ensures their designs are more robust and they are able to eliminate costly rework and maximize production yields.

Why does conflict exist at Empire?

Plastics R Us Ltd. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Continual Improvement with Design of Experiments A client transferred a tool for a long component with a tolerance of 0. Comparison with a sample of blasting media used to polish the parts during production identified this media as the contamination. Solution and Results The Natech Engineers performed a tolerance stack analysis and refined the specifications to address the assembly risks.

Impact examined the shape morphology and analyzed the elemental composition of the microscopic metal particles of contaminant in the scanning electron microscope.Discover the best resource for Empire State College (Empire State College, SUNY) homework help: Empire State College, SUNY study guides, notes, practice tests.

We share the problems, design tips, and lessons learned from these experiences. The rules of plastics provide a framework for sometimes breaking those rules Continue reading Case Studies. Who We Are; Case Studies; Design for Manufacturing Read full case study. Design for Assembly – Tolerance Stack Analysis.

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Phillips Plastics Case Study PHILLIPS PLASTICS DELIVERS WITH CONFIDENCE USING SIGMETRIX’ CETOL 6 SIGMA Headquartered in Hudson, Wisconsin, Phillips Plastics is one of the largest privately held, full service designers and distributors of custom injection molded components and finished devices.

Environmental Case Study Love Canal: intended to be the center of a budding nineteenth-century industrial empire, but the canal never was finished and finally became a dump for industrial waste.

This was the beginning of a story that decades The Hooker Chemical and Plastics Corporation, a local industry that had been in the neighborhood. case-study-data 4, views. Share; Like; Download homeworkping6. Follow Based on your analysis, what recommendations would you give to the partners?

DISCUSSION 1. Integrative Cases INTEGRATIVE CASE Empire Plastics OVERVIEW Empire Plastics Northern (EPN) had a project to increase the .

Case study analysis empire plastics
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