Enhancing curriculum in philippine schools in

But just to satisfy the Enhancing curriculum in philippine schools in of having this paper the end is, the presenters chose the second option, 2nd Option: To the implementing agency, the country cannot attempt a trial and error outcome out of this policy.

While those who disagree said that the families would have to shell more money for transportation, food and education of their children. Presentation notes of Dr. But, out of the advantages that can be given by the policy, what is now to be considered as constraint is the time.

Ideally, the long term goal which can be brought by the policy is good, but reality wise, the road in reaching the target is under construction, not yet completed thus so far behind.

What is the level of capability of the following affected stakeholders? But, unpreparedness, poor educational participation and development will surely yield to negative outcomes. The two years of senior high school intend to provide time for students to consolidate acquired academic skills and competencies.

What are the provisions of the policy to the following direct entities? To alter change in two-fold: However with the introduction and implementation of Finally, financial constraints, millions of people in the Philippines to be exact 23 million under the Asia-Pacific poverty line are still living below the poverty line.

Critics, however, counteract that the education crisis needs to be addressed more fundamentally and adding more school years would only exacerbate the situation. It gives us knowledge about the world around us, strengthens our perspective in life and helps build opinions and have points of view in everything about life.

But it is the matter of the educational system that we have which is designed to teach a year curriculum, yet it is delivered in just 10 years. Put into practice the K policy this coming school year. What is the level of acceptance of the following affected stakeholders: DepEd is preparing a carefully sequenced implementation plan to ensure smooth transition with the least disruption.

Pessimistic, Optimistic or Realistic? Many of us believe that in order for a person to achieve his success, he must have a good background in education and the attitude of a survivor. I want at least 12 years for our public school children to give them an even chance at succeeding.

Enhancing the Quality of Education in the Philippines Essay

A Reform or Deform. Further trainings and seminars, strengthening of the workforce are hereby in need as well as deep penetration to the students and parents for the better understanding and acceptance. Education is really important in bringing our dreams to reality.

Rationale and Legal Bases. But what is more important to see now is the entire picture, the whole tapestry of Cause-Effects and Costs-Benefits that the policy, if adopted, will create. Or should policy be based on policy conditions as expected to happen, but which may not exist by the time the policy implementation was started?

Further, some contents of this part contain documentation of issues and problems base from the current news and information cited from different reliable sources.

The success of any policy depends on the correctness of its policy assumptions. What is the level of preparedness of the concerned implementing stakeholders e. Further, it tackles also the current situation and the adaptation scenario as it was going to be implemented this coming school year.

National Center for Education Statistics. The following are the main objectives of the K policy as stated in their guiding principles4: A great education begins with the desire to learn Osterberg, The government is in to it, the policy was recommended to be implemented, government agencies relating to the educational reform took already an action and somewhat due to the media interaction the society can be said as informed about it.

DepEd already included a provision for substantial physical requirements for budget, and is looking to introduce in subsequent years a budget that will constitute a significant increase not just in nominal terms but also in real terms.

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Advanced Unfortunately, data shows the current situation that the country is facing in terms of the educational system that might obstruct the implementation of the said policy. But then, the policy is soon to be implemented this coming school year.The Philippine basic education system than school days per school year; and (b) integration of concepts on human rights, the environment, dangerous drugs and computer education.

K+12 Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum in the Philippines

The Basic Education System Basic education in the Philippines is free and compulsory at the elementary level only/5(12). The Meaning and Importance of Curriculum Development December 13, Alvior, Mary G.

Comments This article explains the definition of curriculum development, and its importance in school, country, and society, in general. Enhancing the quality of basic education in the Philippines is urgent and critical. Due to that, one of the discussions of DepEd which incurred last October is to enhance the basic education program of the country in a manner that is least disruptive to the current curriculum, most affordable to government and families, and aligned with international.

Utilizing quality enhancing tools in education Instituting teacher quality basic education curriculum Enabling Task 7: Provide adequate and stable public funding for the country-wide Public Schools, SY Figure 8 Number of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Education in the Philippines is managed and regulated by the Department of Education, commonly referred to as the DepEd in the country.

The Department of Education controls the Philippine education system, including the curriculum used in schools and the allocation of funds.

Some government institutions.G. Philippines Enhancing Curriculum in Philippine Schools in Response to Global Community Challenges Luisito C. the institution shall have a more stable system in undertaking its goals and mission so as to make its curricular programs efficient and effective to its major concern – the students.

Enhancing curriculum in philippine schools in
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