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Nestle has been a significant player for the growth of the Indian market. If the number of units sold of Nestle India Ltd increases then it is growing or vice versa. If the number of units sold increases on the increase of advertising and promotion expenses then domestic sales is affected positively.

Top 4 Essays Sales Marketing Article shared by: Sales promotions are marketing activities that simulate consumer purchases and improve retailer or middlemen effectiveness and cooperation. When a carnival truck makes a stop in a village it may show a movie or provide some other kind of entertainment; the price of admission is an unopened bottle of the product purchased from the local retailer.

Then Nestle had set up milk collection centres which would help build confidence in the community about dairy businesses. Sales needs stimulation from time to time and persuasive communication to the existing and potential customers is the best way to stimulate and promote sales in any marketing effort.

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Again, in the Indian context, it is very essential that the efforts must be most productive and that an optimum use is made of the resources available to the organization. The goods have to be moved towards the consumers. The firm fixes a quota of sale per sales person per period of time and also a rate of bonus to be paid when the actual sales exceed the quota.

To an advertising man, it means advertising media selection and a host of activities related to the advertising function. Of course leaflets and catalogues can be found in every retail store where their products are being sold.

It is essentially a direct and immediate inducement. Also usage of some superlative words and catchy phrases such as how satisfied will consumers be can create on positive feelings and vibes about SodaStream products.

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To remove the dissatisfaction of the consumers by adopting a policy or a strategy which would keep the good points of the product in their mind and reinforce a feeling among than that they are getting better deal.

Besides, even after the product has reached the consumer or user, the marketing effort does not necessarily come to an end. In markets where the consumer is hard to reach because of media limitations, the percentage of the promotional budget allocated to sales promotions may have to be increased.

People start wondering if the product is good as it seems in the promotion. It includes activities other than advertising, personal selling publicity and public relations which are used in promoting sales of the product or in persuading the customer to purchase the product.

I am attaching the link to be seen what was so controversial about it: It is one of the most common method to advertise. To assist the own sales personnel and to induce the middlemen like wholesalers and retailers so that they can reach the consumers without difficulty and with a minimum of effort.

Besides, all these activities must Essay on advertising and sales promotion in profit or a difference between the output and input, i. If the domestic sales increase at an increasing rate on the increase of advertising and promotion expenses then the domestic sales are affected positively.

SodaStream is trying to capture great variety of customers through different mediums and trying to communicate them even through TV, Internet ads or through different social media, and thus keep in touch and be able to response and adjust to any changes in demand quickly.

So, the sales persons employed by a firm should be adequately rewarded. In a broad sense, sales promotion work includes all those activities which are directed towards promoting or bolstering sales.

If domestic sales decrease or increase at a decreasing rate on the increase of sales and promotion expenses then it is affected negatively. Various other methods, such as counter display cards, prizes, gift cards, etc.

These are discussed below in brief: And that is what ads should serve for- for grabbing attention. This is where the function of distribution enters the arena. A firm, in view of the above, attempts to reach the consumers through a place of business or retail shops with the help of the following media of efforts: For the introduction of new products in the market, free samples are distributed to the selected customers particularly in the case of cosmetics, perfumes and like products.

This may also help to get more business and corporate social responsibility can be done. According to the mode of offering premiums, the premium scheme falls into two categories: Objectives of Sales Promotion:From this standpoint, sales promotion work encompasses activities like personal selling, adverti­sing, and innovations in products, pricing or in marketing methods in addi­tion to some auxiliary efforts to personal and impersonal salesmanship.

Sales Promotion and Advertising Essay Marketing Communications IMC is described as a "management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in.

Advertising and Promotion Strategy Name Institution Essay - Advertising and Promotion Strategy Raising awareness about the product a company has at hand is where business begins and it is a great teller of how successful the product will be in the competitive market.

Advertising and Sales Promotion The biggest advantage of sales promotions are that, if they are done correctly, they can stimulate and increase consumer purchases and develop or improve retailer or middlemen efforts to stock and sell a product.

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Sales Promotion: is the set of marketing activities undertaken to boost sales of the product or service. Public Relations: is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Sales Promotion: Essay on Sales Promotion!

The word promotion originates from the Latin word ‘Promovere’ means “to move forward” or to push forward. Sales and promotion are two different words and sales promotion is the combination of these two words.

Essay on advertising and sales promotion
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