Essay on food safety and consumer protection

International trade in agricultural products has expanded more rapidly than global agricultural GDP. Red kidney beans can contain high dose of lectin which is toxic when consumed in raw form.

There was no remedy available to the consumer against third parties under contract law because no contractual relationship existed between them and the consumer Gibson, Fraser, In the EU member states Germany and the United Kingdom there is also the applicability of law at the EU level to be considered; this applies on the basis of subsidiarity.

Refrigerators should be kept clean and dry all the time. Cans that are rusted or badly dented should be thrown away, no matter their age. Proper use of plastic packaging lowers chemical migration. Polyethylene terephthalate PET is used to make soft drink, water, sports drink, ketchup, and salad dressing bottles, and peanut butter, pickle, jelly and jam jars.

Food waste represents a major potential, especially for use as animal feed, which, in turn, could release the use of cereals in animal feed for human consumption. Increasing food prices do have a positive effect on net food-selling households FAO,augmenting their incomes and allowing more possibilities for farmers to afford investments in production inputs.

The topic stirred a heated debate on the printed and electronic pages of the journal 5. They are normally used for supply of goods and services to consumers in various industries. Food safety also has potential impact on at least 4 of the 8 millennium development goals set by the United Nations for 2: The Central Government is required to set up the National Commission.

This trend is also evident in the import of other temperate products like vegetables, milk and dairy products and temperate fruit. To seek legal redressal against unfair or restrictive trade practices or exploitation.

Consumer Protection Essay

How can we reduce the migration of chemicals from plastic into food? The ice may be used to cool foods or added to cold drinks. Use safe drinking water for food preparation. To get an insight into the possibly most influential articles in the area of food safety, I identified top 10 articles according to their citation intensity, defined as the average number of citations received per year after the publication date.

Most recent outbreak of a deadly haemolytic-uremic syndrome in Germany, caused by bacterial contamination of vegetable sprouts 7also drew the attention to food safety.


Provide speedy redress to consumer complaints and petition arisen from fraud, unfair practice and exploitation of consumer. Studies in laboratory animals suggest acrylamide has a carcinogenic potency in rats that is similar to that of other carcinogens in food, but the intake levels for acrylamide are likely to be higher.

Bacteria and fungi may grow inside the refrigerator if dryness and cleanliness are not maintained. Among food items, spices, due to their inherent nature--great demand and high price become easy substances for gross adulteration.

What kinds of toxin are present in wild mushrooms and what precautions should be taken? These agrochemicals are available over the counter; farmers may use them without proper understanding or supervision. Of the limited range and number of foods analysed to date, acrylamide levels are highest in potato and cereal-based products subjected to heat processing such as frying, grilling or baking.

Essay on food borne diseases Illness Topic

Cooking or peeling does not inactivate the toxin, and all parts are poisonous. Since its inception and up to March32, cases were filed out of which 24, cases disposed of in the National Commission. Poor connections between urban and rural areas hinder price transmissions towards local markets, broadening the gap between urban demand and rural production in increasing demand for traditional products or for product diversification.

According to the Susan F.

Australian Consumer Law

Consequently, domestic prices do not always follow international prices as an FAO report pointed out in In the short term, the volatile prices can be decreased by price regulation and creation of larger cereal stocks to buffer the tight markets of food commodities and the subsequent risks of speculation.

Reference group has a vital role in the Consumer Behavior study.The following essay on food safety will discuss about the importance of food safety and why governments and food standards agency now a days focus on the devastating consequences of food borne illness and diseases.

Food Safety: What you should know

It will deal with food poisoning and its risks. Apart from it the most common types. Consumer protection is linked to the idea of consumer rights and to the formation of consumer organizations, which help consumers make better choices in the marketplace and get help with consumer complaints.

Every European citizen has the right to know how the food he eats is produced, processed, packaged, labelled and sold. The central goal of the European Commission's Food Safety policy is to ensure a high level of protection of human health regarding the food industry — Europe’s largest manufacturing and employment sector.

Consumer protection is linked to the idea of “consumer rights” (that consumers have various rights as consumers), and to the formation of consumer organizations which help consumers make better choices in the marketplace. Competition and Consumer Protection Commission- Zambia. K likes.

Promoting and Enhancing Competition and consumer Welfare in the Economy for the. It also provides safety and information standarts, establishes liabilities of manufactures and products. were stated only in the common law, which was unable to provide sufficient protection.

Essay on Food Security

However, on 1 January, The Australian Consumer Law commenced, which was a big movement towards the provision of adequate protection .

Essay on food safety and consumer protection
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