Geographic factors of 2 nations

It may be too hot to work between 11 and 2, so you lose three hours out of every day. In Geographic factors of 2 nations cases, interest rates have been increased to levels which are near impossible for developing countries to meet. It takes infrastructure to capitalise on these, but some places have a distinct advantage over others.

If you have no access to the coast, not only do you miss out on these services, you have to transport everything by land, which is much more expensive.

It is considered an effect of colonisation that today the regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America comprise the least developed countries of the world.

Many bird species, including the giant moabecame extinct after the arrival of Polynesians, who brought dogs and rats, and Europeans, who introduced additional dog and rat species, as well as cats, pigs, ferrets, and weasels.

Geographic Factors of 2 Nations

The Sumatra-Andaman earthquake Boxing Day tsunamiwhich caused over deaths and devastated many coastal regions of the Indian Ocean, was an example of a natural disaster which severely hindered the development of affected countries.

Rain patterns may give you a short growing season, while others can get two harvests in one year. Another factor which has exacerbated both the debt crisis and economic challenges in general in many developing countries is government corruption.

In many developing countries with unstable political histories, however, government corruption and greed have caused problems which have hindered such progress.

You have to work twice as hard to get enough to eat out of the ground, you have to irrigate where others can depend on rainfall. Even though tariffs are often designed to protect local producers, they contradict the principles of the free market economy. The majority of the development issues discussed in this chapter, however, have been created and continue due to the direct actions of humans.

Volcanic activity is most common on the central North Island Volcanic Plateau.

Geographical factors that affect development

Other natural factors that create and exacerbate global inequalities are natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. Over three-quarters of New Zealands population live in the North Island, with one-third of the total population living in the Auckland Region.

Developing countries that lack a stable system of government or those that have experienced or are experiencing war, often become burdened with political crises which impede their development. New Zealand experiences around 14, earthquakes a year[43] some in excess of magnitude 7 M7.

Colonisation also usually involves the domination of the original inhabitants of the colony the indigenous population.

Geography of New Zealand

In almost all instances, land has been taken away from indigenous peoples and divided amongst colonial settlers. Tariffs are a form of tax placed on foreign goods that arrive in a country. Settlements are usually close to hill-country areas which experience much higher rainfall than the lowlands due to the orographic effect.

While these loans initially came attached with low interest rates, over time the banks which lent out the money have increased the interest rates on repayments. Resources Thirdly, every country has been dealt a hand in natural resources.Geographic Factors of 2 Nations Throughout history, geographic factors have affected the development of nations and regions.

These factors have.

Factors contributing to a country's level of development

The response must include two different geographic factors, but may use either two nations or regions or may use a single nation or region as long as the impacts for that single nation/region occur both before and after A.D. Geographic Factors. Geographic factors often have an important influence on the history, economy, and culture of regions and nations.

Three geographic factors are Monsoons, Nile River Valley, and Island locations/5(2). What role do the geographic factors play in a regional economic development?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 6 Answers. Amadou M. Wann, (oil, minerals) allow the wealth to be drained off by corruption. Over the last years, nations have risen and faded, even though the geography is unchanged.

Views. promoted by Yale School of. One of those geographic factors leaps out of a map of the world in Why Nations Fail that depicts national incomes. On that map, both Africa and the Americas resemble peanut butter sandwiches, with thick cores of poor tropical countries squeezed between two thin slices of richer countries in the north and south temperate zones.

Geographic Factors of 2 Nations Geographic factors affect the development of a specific region or nation in a couple of ways: 1) Climate affects how habitable a region is, and as a result, very few nations may survive in harsh climates and few may thrive in less-than-ideal climatic conditions.

If you notice, the power in the world lies in the Norther .

Geographic factors of 2 nations
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