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This presumption is done assuming that there will be no negative ecological effects due to this activity. Chapter 2 Theory and Methods 2. EPA programs address all types of marine trash and litter, not just plastic trash, as other forms of aquatic trash also have adverse ecological and human health impacts.

Initially lobster population was compared between both types of marine parks before the establishment of parks; the results showed that there was a mark difference in the population of lobster specie after the introduction of protection.

Thus fisheries man management system must include Marine protected areas in their management tools. But there is widespread conflict Marine protection essay these recreational activities and management of these MPAs.

It was also seen that the area open to all fishing showed 18 fold higher densities than observe for the two specie type. The study was carried out on the lines of effect of marine reserves on yield of fishes usually targeted by near shore anglers. The study compares its result with several previous studies and states that studies done in the past suggest that there is no effect of size of MPAs and their duration on the extent of recovery of different species, but the present study explores new phenomenon.

Focus was on temperate regions but tropical region studies were also reviewed. However, there is evidence that catch and release angler technique can be compatible with MPAs provided some handling techniques exist. Each Contracting Party shall, Marine protection essay accordance with its laws, the provisions of this Protocol, and international law, take appropriate measures to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the Convention area from land-based sources and activities, using for this purpose the best practicable means at its disposal and in accordance with its capabilities.

There is empiral evidence that Fishing has sugnificantly altered the reproductive and biodiversity of marine reserves. Plastics can persist in the marine environment for a considerable time period, in some cases for hundreds of years or even longer.

It is evident from the studies previously done, that over a long period of time recreational activities without proper guidance and training result in high mortality rates of exploited species. Achievement of the aims of the Programme of Action will contribute to maintaining and, where appropriate, ensuring the protection of human health, as well as promoting the conservation and sustainable use of marine living resources.

But for some species the Biomass analysis should neutral results. Also, it is suggested that training of anglers, their education should be done in order to make the Catch and release angling compatible with MPAs.

Most studies done in the past have only focused on coastal regions. In the same way in Australia, One quarter of the total population participate in the large chartered recreational sector of the country.

Ina Protocol was developed to amend the London Convention to ban ocean disposal of radioactive wastes and incineration at sea. The study also pointed out that the catch and release programs had negative mortality effects on long lived fish populations. From the management perspective, there is a need for identification of benchmarks of success of MPAs.

The management of the study used a number of combinations of protected are sizes and spacing combinations to test the model. Hence policy makers must involve the general public in these conservation programs. Additional information is available on the official website of the IMO.

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Anglers due to lack of knowledge and training about characteristics of Eco system harm marine life by their increase level of activity.

Contracting Parties shall individually and collectively promote the effective control of all sources of pollution of the marine environment, and pledge themselves especially to take all practicable steps to prevent the pollution of the sea by the dumping of waste and other matter that is liable to create hazards to human health, to harm living resources and marine life, to damage amenities or to interfere with other legitimate uses of the sea.

Also, it was found out that the weight of trophy fishes which mature early, also declined more slowly in the area under the influence of fishing gear restrictions. Although this Convention has not yet entered into force, EPA works with others to assess proposals for IMO approval of ballast water management systems that may be employed on international shipping.

The Benchmarks indicative and applicable for multiple MPAs were very few, and these were applicable for wider scale of sites. Also, there should be training, and education of tourist and the general public involve in recreational activities.

Also, it was found out that two species Cowcod and Bocacio, which were listed by the government as overfished species had different densities in different areas. The de factor zones had a healthy fish density and comprise of large fish species.

The Spawner Biomass analysis showed positively results for some species in marine protected areas. Also, this study will strive to study method to best manage recreational fishing activities in relation to Marine protection activities. The evidence that public reservations about the importance of MPAs exists shows that these MPA measures have failed to take into account the social impact of these MPAs in their planning and management.

These MPA networks can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which are monitoring of effect of MPAs on the biodiversity, population numbers and life span of exploited species.

Marine reserves have a strong capability of preserving marine life and eco system, these conservation systems have the potential to boost economy and promote and sustain sports fishing in the long run.

Article II of the Protocol defines the objectives of this amendment as: The data was collected primarily from online sources, through websites, journals, newspapers etc.

The study basically explored the idea of whether catch and release angling technique can be compatible with some no take MPAs. Contracting Parties shall individually and collectively protect and preserve the marine environment from all sources of pollution and take effective measures, according to their scientific, technical and economic capabilities, to prevent, reduce and where practicable eliminate pollution caused by dumping or incineration at sea of wastes or other matter.

Te study also pointed out that the benchmarks for successful MPA management are strictly site specific.The Protection Of Marine Ecosystems Environmental Sciences Essay.

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The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) was enacted on October 21, All marine mammals are protected under the MMPA. The MMPA prohibits, with certain exceptions, the "take" of marine mammals in U.S.

waters and by U.S.

citizens on the high seas, and the importation of marine mammals and marine mammal products into the U.S. Free Essay: The Marine Mammal Protection Act Abstract This paper includes information a particular environmental law. Specifically, the Marine Mammal.

Protecting the Marine Environment. The Global Programme of Action Exit for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities (GPA) is designed to be a source of conceptual and practical guidance for national and/or regional authorities to devise and implement sustained actions to prevent, reduce, control and/or eliminate.

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Abstract Marine Protected Areas have been realized as a useful tool for the protection of marine eco system and biodiversity all over the world.


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