Marriage and security essay

It fulfills many functions attributed to the family in general. It has been the backbone of human civilisation. Generally, polyandry is found in such areas which are situated far away from modern developed areas.

People enter into matrimonial alliances for the sake of seeking personal happiness. Viewing polygyny cross-culturally, poiygynous families evidence specific organisational features: Thus production and income increases, further there is no expenditure with regard to labour because all the husbands contribute their share of work.

It is considered to be sacrament, a spiritual union between a man and a woman in the social status of husband and wife. In some tribal societies where polyandry continues to exist may get extinct after a gap of few years. Polygyny increases economic burden on the family because in many cases only husband is the bread winner and whole of the family is dependent on him.

It involved economic and sexual sharing based on spiritual and religious principles. There seems to be, however, a consensus that marriage involves several criteria that are found to exist cross-culturally and throughout time.

This type of marriage is harmful for developing society and poor nations because they have limited resources Further increase in population deteriorates progress and development of that society.

Lower status of Women: They are visiting husband who visit the family for a specific period. Except on an experimental basis it is an extremely rare occurrence and may never have existed as a viable form of marriage for any society in the world.

It is believed that sibling can better tolerate, suppress and live with a situation of sexual rivalry than can non-siblings. Monogamy is that form of marriage in which at a given period of time one man has marital relations with one woman. It is the prevalent form of marriage among the tribes, Polygyny also appears to be the privilege of the wealthy, in many African societies the rich usually have more than one wife.

The rules and regulations, which deal with regulation of sex life of human beings, are dealt in the marriage institution. Let us now discuss forms of polygamy in details, i Polygyny: So if the partner is not of choice then life loses its charm.

Essay on Marriage: Meaning, Functions and Forms

Long before the institution of marriage developed, man and woman may have lived together, procreated children and died unwept and unsung.Building Security in Your Marriage. Have you been wondering lately if your mate is truly committed to you?

Do you question if your spouse still loves you the way he or she did when you were first married? Are you uncertain of your mate’s faithfulness because you have recently caught them lying about a relationship with the opposite sex? Do. A good marriage is based on a solid foundation of respect, some sacrifices, and a good communication.

Respect is a key to a successful marriage. Respect each other/5(7).

Women and Marriage in China - This essay will explore two types of marriages in China, the uxorilocal and minor marriage. In a Uxorilocal marriage, the man moves into the women’s household.

Argumentative Essay: Marriage

Usually, the women’s family does not have a son and economically, it is necessary for him to help support them. Uxorilocal marriages are very uncommon. Marriage Essay.

Marriage Marriage is a human reality founded on mutual consent and reciprocal love. Its very nature is prepared towards the interests of the partners as well as for the birth and rearing of children.

The purpose of marriage is the increase of the people of God and mutual help for the partners in loyalty and love. Marriage Essay; Marriage Essay. Words 2 Pages. Marriage Some people choose to marry wealthy people solely to gain financial security, but eventually they will find that money does not lead to happiness.

More about Marriage Essay. The History of Marriage Words | 8 Pages; Are Arranged Marriages and Forced Marriages. Argumentative Essay: Marriage Once you reach a certain age or a certain amount of time spent with the same partner, especially as a woman, friends and family will inevitably start asking questions about marriage or even downright pressure you into taking this step.

Marriage does not bring security in a relationship. There are too many.

Marriage and security essay
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