My goal of becoming a nurse

I believe that the bridge program will provide me with the essential knowledge to not only be a nurse but a primary care professional. I take pride and honor in working alongside great nurses as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

The mid-term is now clear: The close collaboration that I experienced with physicians was remarkable. These short-term goals play a part in the formation of your mid- and long-term goals.

Shortly after completing my undergraduate degree I began a career in the physical fitness industry. I will strive to take a holistic approach in providing care to women of My goal of becoming a nurse ages by treating each patient with compassion, dignity and respect.

I know its my calling to become a nurse. My goal is to further my education in order for me to get a degree in Nursing, work as a Registered Nurse, and become an owner of a health care agency to have and opportunity in providing the best possible health care to those that are in need.

I have experience developing health programs including improving personal diet, physical activity, and other healthy practices. Is a stable and predictable work environment appealing to you, or do you enjoy doing different things every day?

Every since I took care of my first patient I felt a sense of happiness and accomplishment in actually helping another human being.


Take a Personal Inventory The first step in setting career goals as a nurse is to consider personal strengths, interests and skills. This will enable me to grow as a professional and be more knowledgeable than a person that is not open to learning new ideas and techniques.

Accuracy While maintaining efficiency, RNs must be diligent and accurate in everything they accomplish. Nurses who want to make the most of their education and experience need to establish career goals and make a concrete plan for achieving those goals.

I strongly believe that a little help that goes towards my college tuition can make a big difference in helping me a lot and in return have a good impact in the community becoming and working as a Registered Nurse.

Goals for a Registered Nurse

Attending nursing school has given me high aspirations to continue my education, which will allow me to not only have personal growth, but professional growth as well.

As such, being fast and efficient, while maintaining a high standard of care, is critical to success. Research Education and Experience The best way to achieve your nursing career goals is to research and understand what type of education and experience is needed to be successful in your chosen career path.

Having this base will provide study and application skills that an undergraduate young adult would not yet have. Goals and objectives for this role should include a focus on providing optimal, efficient and personalized levels of care to charges.

These seven weeks provided me with much more hands-on experience, where I was able to play an active role in the process from antepartum to postpartum. I was also enchanted with her use of logic to figure out what would best help each patient for each situation.

You want to be a nurse leader who has a hand in steering the ship of a highly regarded hospital system that will recognize you for who you truly are. About the Author Lisa McQuerrey has been My goal of becoming a nurse award-winning writer and author for more than 25 years.

This might include improving time-management and multi- tasking skills, delegating more, as needed, and performing routine tasks in a highly organized manner. Other nurses are interested in establishing a regular routine that allows them to spend time with their families.

I have had the opportunity to gain interpersonal skills through volunteering, youth group activities, college political activities, and throughout my career as a health professional.

Thank you in advance as this is my first draft. I know that there are many underserved rural areas in the U. I believe that all of these skills I have gathered will be instrumental in how I form trusting relationships with patients of any age.

For nurses, this means that an online degree can have a high return on investment. Do you have cultural or religious beliefs that have an impact on your nursing practice, such as the desire to work in a faith-based hospital or medical facility? The biggest challenges to expect will occur during the move between states and the chaos that a life decision like going back to school entails.

I am eager to provide preventative care, which I believe is an extremely crucial aspect of healthcare. You know that this MSN will open many doors for you. I would love to continue to have that same feeling each and every day while in return they receive care and comfort.

I ultimately expect that while the move will be full of complications and obstacles, I have the resources and ties that will make this change successful. It is my hope that this experience will lend to my ability to not only diagnose and treat patients but also give them the tools to improve their healthy practices without me so that they can reduce the amount of time for recovery and decrease the amount of time that they have to spend under medical care.

CNAs typically work in hospitals, nursing homes and long term care facilities, and are frequently tasked with duties such as helping patients with their activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and other types of personal care.

I expect, upon acceptance to the Nurse Practitioner program, to focus completely on school and would no longer work for the company that currently employs me.This clinical rotation very much confirmed my passion and gave me the motivation to pursue my dreams of being a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

This past summer I had an even greater opportunity when I was a nurse extern on a labor and delivery unit at _____ in _____. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Fulfilling my goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner will enable me to enhance my current nursing knowledge base, strengthen my relationship with my patients and.

My goal is to get my bachelor s degree, become an RN and then a nurse practitioner. I am a nontraditional student and went back to school to become an aesthetician.

I graduated and realized I should have become a nurse. Nov 03,  · My lifetime goal is to become a Registered Nurse. Every since I was 18, I've been involved in the health care field.

I have worked as a Home Health Aide, and now, at the age of 20, I am working as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I feel that being a family nurse practitioner will also enable me to treat a larger segment of the population in high need areas.

I know that _____ is highly known for preparing family nurse practitioners and will provide me with the very best skills and tools to be successful with people of any age.

My goal of becoming a nurse
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