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Our discussions to evolve the writing process will include brainstorming, word exercises, and organization techniques.

Her detailed oriented interest in who I am and what I have accomplished and the college essay coach nyc the hard work she put into helping me write offered me both the college essay coach nyc and technical insight that helped me to finally put a solid essay together. Not to mention…she conducted her meetings with him via Skype with little to no prior notice!

Going through it with Bev Taylor made it both enjoyable and a resounding success! In addition to coaching college and graduate school applicants, Susan offers writing and editing services to professionals, corporations, screenwriters and authors.

Why do less for your children than your business! The college essay writing process will help the student with the SAT and ACT writing sections and future college writing assignments. We recommend the private college counseling services of Ivy Coach very highly! She was supportive the entire way through and gave me writing advice that not only helped my essay, but also myself as a writer.

Susan is also a published author. My purpose in creating College Essay Coach is to develop and share a structural framework to assist in writing the college essay.

January 2, Independent College Counseling Admission to the Ivy League and other top universities is about talented students sharing their unique stories and weaving compelling and truthful narratives through their college applications.

Click here to learn more Her honesty and diligence is rare to find in any field and was an incredible benefit to my application process. This is an invaluable skill that will help you the college essay coach nyc throughout your academic and professional life. Approaching and going through the college process is a journey.

What Students Say About Susan The old adage, you get what you pay for, is on target whether hiring in the business world or hiring a college consultant. This student never considered one of his greatest peeves a suitable essay topic until he wrote about it during a brainstorming session.

Susan allows you to see her process so that you learn the right way to edit your own work. In college admissions, particularly at highly selective colleges such as the Ivy League colleges, gaining admission is certainly about the numbers but there is so much more to it.

I highly recommend you hire Susan if you want to make a personal and meaningful college application. I just wanted to say thanks for helping us bring a great kid to the perfect college.

One unforgettable essay came from a student who claimed he had nothing to write about. Via Skype, FaceTime, phone, and email, we counsel our students through all aspects of the admissions process. I have developed a four week, step-by-step process that helps to effectively manage the creative development of the writing process.

Just as I have hired top notch lawyers and business advisors, I approached hiring a college consultant in the same way. As a direct result, both were admitted to the most selective colleges and universities in the U. Knowing that she was dedicating her experience and skills towards helping me achieve my educational goals really put me at ease.

I am certain this experience will be the path meant for him and a life changer. That would be very beneficial.

Susan received her B. Think of the personal essay as a chance to step back for a moment, look within yourself, and then share your take on something that has touched you emotionally, outraged you morally or struck you as unexpectedly funny.

It was great to have her look over my essays because her insistence that I write essays constructed specifically for the admissions staff helped me stay focused, and fully transfer my experiences into an essay format that would help ensure success. College Application and Essay Help — Get Into a College of Your Choice Susan Wolf coaches college and graduate school applicants through the process of writing unforgettable, killer essays.

She put an amazing amount of effort into helping me, whether it was calling me up constantly to keep me on track, helping me edit in real time on Google Docs, or taking time out of her vacation to meet with me. For our first meeting, the student will bring a rough draft or an outline of their college essay.

The philosophy that guides and motivates us in our college admissions counseling work is the belief that all college applicants can find an appropriate university where they can be successful academically, extracurricularly, and socially.

Yet she still coached him to be himself throughout the process.

College Admissions Experts in New York City, NY

The goal is for the student to feel accomplishment with each step taken. Every word and sentence we worked on had new poignant meaning behind it in ways I had not thought of before.

Not only did this student get into his first choice college, but he was asked by the admissions committee to use his essay as an example of one that was both entertaining and socially-conscious. He is on cloud nine!The college essay coach nyc ; The college essay coach nyc.

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College Consultant

Home to Westchester's premier college advising team, NY College Coaches provides families with personalized guidance through all aspects of the college application process. From selecting schools and brainstorming essay topics to assisting with resumes and interviews, our advisors offer insight, organization, and candor.

Working with your College Essay Coach allows the student to get one-on-one guidance and a fresh, professional perspective to help organize their thoughts in writing college essays. I will listen, discuss and work with the student to develop a BIG idea to make the essay truly reflect the student’s ideas and be memorable to the college admissions reader.

Below please find directions to our NYC office location. The College Coach office is located at E 57th St, 18th Floor, New York, NY The closest subway stations are 59th and Lexington [4, 5, 6], 53rd and Lexington [E, V], and 59th and Fifth Avenue [N, R, W].

Award-winning application essay coach and tutor. Counsels students applying to college and grad school, esp. MBA and MSW. Appt. in MI office or via Skype. Ivy Coach is the world's leading college consultant committed to counseling students from around the world so that they can gain admission to Ivy League and other highly competitive universities.

Our consultations are available via Skype, FaceTime, and phone.

The college essay coach nyc
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