The white stocking by d h lawrence

She knew he was in a state of suppressed irritation. There was a silence.

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But she was in the spell with the other man, fused with him, and she could not be taken away. It was a war now. He received her with rather grudging kindliness. It made him only more sick and tired of the responsibility of it, the violence, the shame. Whiston was made that way, so there was no need to take thought for him.

They were rather late. That dance was an intoxication to her. Then, in an instant, Adams picked it up, with a little, surprised laugh of triumph. Then gradually she got used to him. They passed out of the town into the fields.

But she saw no one of importance. She became portentous in her gravity. Queer how he drew away from her, cut her off from him. Above them the Castle Rock looked grandly in the night, the naked trees stood still and dark in the frost, along the boulevard.

He looked at the little jewels.

The White Stocking

And she was extraordinarily pleased. He would be miserable all the day if he went without. But Whiston put himself beside them, and went along with them. But he had seen her standing there, a piteous, horrified thing, and he turned his face aside in shame and nausea.

Hiding the earrings, Elsie pretends to her husband that the white stocking is only a sample, but at breakfast she feels compelled to admit that this was a lie.

She was conscious of him standing there observant of her, like a ghost, or a judgment, or a guardian angel. Her husband must look after that. Then, quick as lightning, the back of his hand struck her with a crash across the mouth, and she was flung back blinded against the wall.

He turned round to her, his face red from the cold water, his eyes fresh and very blue. Elsie is excited to find in the mail a package addressed to her. But she was growing cooler.

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It conveyed nothing to her. He held her by the arm — they could not speak. She was stimulated all the day. Her father had to submit and she sent in her notice — she was not well.

It was as if he could not see. She ceased to dance. She discovers that it contains a long white stocking, in which a pair of pearl earrings has been placed.

Save you buying a pair. She was kneeling and holding her two hands slowly forward, blindly, so that the chicken should run in to the mother-hen again. He was a strange man to her, she did not know him.The Prussian Officer and Other Stories is a collection of early short stories by D.


The Prussian Officer and Other Stories, by D. H. Lawrence

Lawrence. It was published by Duckworth in London on 26 Novemberand in America by B. W. Huebsch in "The White Stocking" "A Sick Collier" "The Christening" "Odour of Chrysanthemums"Author: D. H. Lawrence. In D.H. Lawrence's short story "The White Stocking" the main character Ted Whiston loves his wife Elsie.

The Prussian Officer and The White Stocking

As the story progresses the reader finds out this love has psychological control over Whiston's actions. At the time of writing “The White Stocking,” D. H. Lawrence was immersed in a reading of Arthur Schopenhauer’s works, particularly “The.

A Short Analysis of DH Lawrence’s The White Stocking By Cathryn Hurd This can be seen in The White Stocking, where D H Lawrence experiments with. The Prussian Officer and The White Stocking has 10 ratings and 1 review. Laura said: The Prussian Officer and The White Stocking is a pair of short stori /5.

Complete summary of D. H. Lawrence's The White Stocking. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The White Stocking.

The white stocking by d h lawrence
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