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Mobile phones or cell phones have many other functions that help us at our work. In addition to that Mobile phone is used to listen to songs, watch movies, play online games, browse the internet, calculate things etc. Just drop down your request comment underneath with the basic points which you want team GTE to include in the Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones essay and will be in your reach very soon!

Again some students misuse the mobile phone and give way to social pollution. This has led to increase in tendensity in India. Many of these mobile phones have the functionality of a hand-held computer and are used by business executives, on-the-go professionals and small entrepreneurs to access and send email and load attachments, files and documents.

Almost all the big cities are well-connected by the mobile phones. In short, we can say that mobile phones have their uses and misuses which entirely depend upon the user. It is very difficult to track the criminal activities that have been committed with the help of mobiles.

Misuses Almost all new-generation mobile phones have in-built cameras. The easy availability of mobile phones, and especially those with prepaid services, has ensured many subscribers among unscrupulous elements Uses misuses of mobile essay society.

People also use GPS system in their mobile phones, use internet to browse things and update themselves by getting news on their mobile phones. If used properly, they are indeed a boon to us. Mobile phones can be used in many emergency situations and exigencies to gain valuable and timely help.

Mobile phones increase significantly this ability. The latest mobile has many more facilities. Through mobiles they send greetings and good wishes to their dear ones and share their feelings.

533 words essay on the uses of Mobile Phone

Abuses of mobile phone — Is there any abuses or disadvantages of mobile phone? The underworld and the criminals carry on their business sitting far away with great ease and convenience.

Short Essay on The Uses and Abuses of Mobile / Cellphones

India being a big market offers tremendous business opportunities. In fact, the whole world has become a small village due to the revolutionary invention of mobile phone or the cell phone. It helps them in their business dealings. The world has become a global village with the introduction of mobile phones in it as we can communicate with anyone at a vast distance within a really short period of time day.

Thus mobile phones or cell phones also have two different sides. Apart from the ubiquitous voice and texting operations, the many features of new-age mobile phones have enhanced their functionality.

It specially refers to teenagers. The studies show that mobile phones are used for personal matters and preferably outdoors. No doubt mobile phone has changed our lifestyle, but there are some abuses of the mobile phone, or we can say that there are a few disadvantages Uses misuses of mobile essay mobile phones.

Mobile phones have particular value during the time of an emergency, such as an accident, robbery, murder or sudden serious illness.

But mobile phone plays a vital role in the development of our civilization. They spend too much time on mobile phone browsing different social networking sites or watching movies or playing games that spoil their study hours. With the ubiquity of social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook on mobile phones, alerts about potentially dangerous situations are often communicated faster through mobile phones.

The invention of the mobile phone is a great success of science. In the conclusion, we must admit that there are both uses and abuses of the mobile phone. Doctors have warned that excessive use of mobile phone can be harmful to our health.

So Mobile phones have completely changed the lives of humans for many years. A mobile user can use it as a recorder. Severe competition among them has caused to a fall in the prices of the instrument and cost of the services as well.

No doubt mobile phone has some negative aspects or we can simply say that there are a few disadvantages of mobile phones. Now we can talk whether we are in car, bus, train or aeroplane. The young generation is greatly influenced by the evilness of mobile phones. Again some physician claims that excessive use of mobile phones can be health hazardous.

From the above discussion, it is crystal clear that mobile phones have both pros and cons. On the other hand, some mobile phones have a very good quality camera that can be used to preserve the memories by clicking photos.

People use mobile phones to send messages whether these messages are in the form of texts, photos or voice.Analytical essay writing is a essays on mobile phones uses and misuses of statistics complex academic paper that includes a detailed research.

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Essay on uses and misuses of mobile phones in English. Essay on Misuse of Mobile Phones Introduction—a society was established by human beings in the the beginning, people used to. words essay on the uses of Mobile Phone.

Article shared by. Free sample essay on the uses of Mobile Phone. Mobile phone is a wonderful gift of science. It is a gift to society. It has revolutionized the world of communication. Now a man can have communication anywhere, anytime to anyone sitting thousands of kilometers away from him.

Though. The Uses and Abuses of Mobile / Cellular Phones Introduction: Articulate speech is the human capacity that allows us to communicate and express ourselves. Human being is the only animal that possesses the extraordinary capacity of speecht.

Mobile phones increase significantly this ability.

Essay on Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones

That’s why we can say that mobile phones make human. Words Essay on Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones The mobile phone is a device that is used to make calls or to send messages to our near and dear ones.

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Uses misuses of mobile essay
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