Winter s bone front rear cover

These dog bones are milled from aluminum but look just like vintage dog bone shock links, but with a smoother and cooler appearance. This works great on fenderless cars.

Of course whenever you are mounting anything behind the rear axle on a Deuce, be certain to allow ample clearance for the rear-mounted gas tank. The new radius rods look great and do the job of locating the rear axle fore and aft. Moving to the opposite side, Winter s bone front rear cover second bar was located on the housing and careful measurements were made to ensure both bars were located on exactly the same plane and distance from the axle flanges before the center crossmember tube was tack welded in place.

Of course it is easiest if you design your next chassis around these radius rods, but a retrofit only requires relocating the center crossmember. The antisway bar rides in urethane-lined pocket mounts with the lever arms connecting to the spring hanger bracket via the aforementioned dog bones.

After locating the axle properly we turned our attention to the pinion angle. Spacers and Grade 8 hardware mount the shocks on the axle housing, while the upper shock mounts are welded to the leading edge of the Posies crossmember.

Once the rear housing was situated we took triangulated measurements to ensure the axle housing was perfectly square under the frame. The brackets were located on the rear axle allowing the radius rods to align with the front crossmember. With the centerline of the rear axle established we could now mount the Posies rear crossmember.

Because they are angled inward they provide some side-to-side stability in conjunction with the buggy spring, but a Panhard bar will be used to keep the axle centered side to side. The box tubing is tack welded in place, ensuring the housing will not move during the fabrication process.

The bars mount to the inner framerail on each side, and are then connected to the radius rod brackets using some of the PHRP dog bones. We then carried that measurement out to each framerail a laser is a great way to carry centerlines the full length of the chassis.

2017 Infiniti QX30 Parts and Accessories

This put the brackets very close to the outboard axle flanges. El Cajon, CA http: This is set at 3 degrees up toward the transmission and a simple angle finder on the front of the driveshaft yoke gave us the proper setting.

We first measured through the center of the chassis from the front crossmember to a piece of flat stock across the rear framerails. First we measured back from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle. First is an antisway bar that fits in front of the rear axle, a solution often used on full-fendered cars where space is at a premium.

Either system is very clean and very effective. Next we marked the front to rear center of the new crossmember and aligned the center of the crossmember with the spring hanger marks.

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This is important as it eliminates unwanted suspension binding. A set of Bilstein shocks will dampen the buggy spring, and simple brackets were made to fit between the two radius rod brackets.

Measuring to a tapered tube rear axle housing makes things a bit tricky, so take your time and use the axle flange for a measuring point when possible.

Once again the brackets were tack welded in place level to correspond with the rest of the suspension pieces. Since these were prototype brackets for the new quick-change rear a little grinding was in order to fit the taper of the axle housings. A plumb bob was used to locate the axle exactly under the scribed lines.

The final piece to the rear suspension puzzle is the antisway bar or Panhard bar, and PHRP offers two solutions to the problem.Infiniti QX30 Parts and Accessories Explore Vehicles › Infiniti which is put to the front wheels through a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic.

All-wheel drive is available, and fuel economy ratings for FWD models are Infiniti claims the QX30's dramatic exterior styling creates an effect "designed to look stretched over bone and. No Problem.

Hot Rod Wishbone Suspension – Better ‘Bones: Part II – Tech

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Winter s bone front rear cover
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